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Participation in Volunteer Cleanup of Shopping Streets and Philosophy of Trash Pickup from Shohei Otani's Words.

The recent drop in temperature has made gloves a necessity. In the brisk mornings, I volunteered to tidy up Koen-dori Shopping Street in Kichijoji Honmachi. Despite the street's usual hustle and bustle, a dedicated effort behind the scenes ensures its beauty remains preserved.

Though the street is relatively quiet, there's a palpable sense of unity as personnel from various businesses within the shopping district converge to clean up together. Armed with tongs, we diligently clear trash from JR to Itsukaichi Kaido, tidying the roadsides as we go.

During this endeavor, I conversed with Mr. Himeno, president of Management Brain, and a community-involved small business consultant. Our discussion delved into the history of the shopping district, Kichijoji, and the activities of the Chamber of Commerce and the Federation of Shopping Centers. One remark from Shohei Otani resonated deeply: "Picking up trash is picking up the luck that people have dropped."

Our company values diverse connections, extending from local beautification to supporting initiatives in Africa. We remain committed to active engagement in the Kichijoji shopping district, striving to maintain its cleanliness and vibrancy.