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Physics Education with Mixed Reality (HoloLens)

Report on the "XR Talk vol. 8" . Thank you for your valuable feedback.

Hey folks!

Let's rewind to October 10, 2023, when the vibrant halls of LODGE, nestled within LINE Yahoo's headquarters building, played host to "XR Talk vol. 8." It was an electrifying community event dedicated to unraveling the latest trends and hands-on experiences in XR.

At our booth, we showcased "HoloThrow" once again, following its debut in September, alongside "HoloAir" from our July showcase. Two groundbreaking products, one immersive experience!

"HoloThrow" is a VR-based physics learning application tailored to demystify high school mechanics. Concepts like trigonometric functions and vector decomposition, often daunting in traditional classrooms, come to life with intuitive understanding through this app.

The feedback poured in, and we were thrilled by the positive response:

  • "Fun to learn and easy to visualize."
  • "The blend of physics explanation and VR content was captivating."
  • "It was intriguing to intertwine physics explanation with VR content."
  • "Great for grasping the intricacies of laws sensitively."

A heartfelt thank you to Yahoo Ichikawa and Zozo Morohoshi for graciously hosting us, and to all who immersed themselves in our exhibits. We're committed to refining our offerings, striving for excellence with each iteration.

Stay tuned for more immersive experiences and exciting innovations on the horizon!

Warm regards,