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The Society for Information on Educational Systems held a symposium. Mr. Kato, Dr. Narumi and I spoke on "The Future of Education Opened Up by XR".

Dear readers,

Ah, the relief of cooler days finally gracing us! I trust you're faring well during this brief respite from the heat?

From August 29 to 31, the esteemed Research Conference of the Society for Information and Systems in Education convened at Kinki University's Higashi-Osaka Campus. This gathering serves as a pivotal forum for delving into information systems that bolster education and learning, drawing scholars from diverse fields united by the common thread of information.

The conference's highlight was a riveting panel discussion titled "The Value of New Teaching and Learning with XR and its Dissemination," which saw an impressive turnout of around 200 attendees, both in-person and online.

Guiding the discussions was Dr. Kojiri, Chair of the Research Conference Organizing Committee, alongside distinguished panelists including Mr. Naoto Kato, CEO of Cluster Corporation, and Dr. Takushi Narumi from the Cyber Interface Laboratory at the University of Tokyo.

Mr. Kato's journey from founding Cluster, a VR technology startup, to being recognized as one of Forbes Japan's "30 Under 30 Changing the World," is truly inspiring. Likewise, Dr. Narumi's groundbreaking work in virtual reality and augmented reality interfaces, coupled with his accolades including the Young Scientist Award, left a profound impression on all.

Their insights into the immersive potential of virtual worlds and the complexities of self-image control struck a chord, particularly among our younger audience members. As a parent and educator, witnessing the impact of these discussions on our youth reinforced the importance of fostering a balanced perspective on reality.

Indeed, the symposium left me pondering the essence of "reality" and our relationship with it. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Dr. Kojiri and the entire team for orchestrating such an enlightening event.

Till we meet again,