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Physics Education with Mixed Reality (HoloLens)



拡張現実の勉強会で磁場を体験するデモをしました。今回は(動画にもあるように)私の教材から「気づき」を見つけて喜んで下さった方が多くて驚きました。拡張現実を通して自然を理解する手法には、まだまだ未知の可能性があります。それをしっかりと具体化して反映させていきたいと思います。 In a meetup of Augmented Reality, I demonstrated my application with which you can experience magnetic field. On this time, I was surprised that seberal people were glad to found their own "awareness" from my material. It seems to have much more unknown possibilities for the way to understand nature through Augmented Reality. I'm willing to make them concrete and realize in my application.