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Would you like some new school notebook? What is the surprisingly overlooked factor which has bad effect to learning ?

In Japan, March is the last month of the year. The new school year is comming, and the new learnings too.Maybe you parents are considering to let your children go to cram school or this opportunity.

But I'd like you to wait a bit. Children's learning can be supported by just simpler way. And this way can be used for lifetime. It is to take advantage of stationery.

There are various stationery, today I will introduce a very well-considered notebook in the eyes of teachers.


The size of notebook is A4. Is that all? You may doubt it. This make a big improvement.


You can put B4 size prints on the notebook like scrapbook. Therefore, you may not lose your prints and you can track your learning over time.

Only for these reasons?

I tell the truth. Many students even of higher grades lose the efficiency of repeated learning effect, because they cannot keep their prints well. From the perspective of teachers, It is very sorry.When he/she have lost his/her prints (most of case), even with a good score in previous test, new learnings will not be stacked on their achievements, especially in the study of math and science.I hope students who worked hard in the previous semester get a smooth ride on it.

All teachers are trying to let it better. It is basic way to let students submit prints together at the end of the semester. Some teachers check whether individual students keep their prints throughout the year.

What I want to say is, it is easy to keep prints with the notebook big enough to be put. I always cut prints to A5, and let students post it on their notebook. But mostly the contents of one hour cannot be contained in the A5 print. The best size is B4.People in public office says the A4 size is recommended, but for education, B4 is just the best size.

Let me talk back about the big notebook. These notes can be pasted B4 print directly.In my opinion, it is much better for your children to buy ten big notebooks, than to let them go to cram school.As you know well, this skill of scraping can be used over lifetime.


There are some other good points, but I'd like you to see by yourself.Only one point.2mm grid lattice is very useful. I've seen hundreds of notebooks, and I assert this. With this type of notebook, I have never seen the contents written and drawn badly.

By the way, the price is about $3. Expensive. But you have read this article, so you can see what I mean.

New semester. The season children are most ambitious. I'd like you to grow them well. Surely it works well.

### I wrote this article for Japanese reader, but I suppose foreign teachers may feel differences between our education and your education. I'd like you to tell me this. ###