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Physics Education with Mixed Reality (HoloLens)

Published on 2 Pages in Monthly "Innovative Education" Series: Impact of Innovative Technologies

Monthly "Innovative Education" Series: Impact of Innovative Technologies / President of Feel Physics, Tatsuro Ueda

I've been published on 2 pages. Thank you very much... By the way, I would like to buy it for my parents, M. Amazon. Couldn't you sell it?

My Lecture "Science Education with ICT" Schedule

This is my lecture "Science Education with ICT" schedule in a university:

  • Blackboard is Important
  • Try Programing
  • Make & Teach with Slides
  • Search & Teach with YouTube videos
  • Status & Problems of ICT Education
  • Teach with VR video/app
  • Try Smart Experiment Instruments
  • Try AR
  • Try STEM
  • Try MR


Published a paper-like article on ResearchGate

"Practices and Improvements of Lesson using Magnetic field Visualization by Mixed Reality (MR) technology"

I published a paper-like article titled as above on #ResearchGate. I hope it helps people conserning Education with MR.



7 media posted about us: Feel Physics Published Open-source Mixed Reality (MR) App for Science Education and Demonstrated in 5 Countries


MIE, Japan, Sept. 3, 2019 As a Microsoft MVP personal sponsor*, president of Feel Physics developed open-source Mixed Reality (MR) application for Microsoft HoloLens. The interactive app helps students to visualize and intuitively understand the magnetic field. For codes and details, visit https://github.com/feel-physics/holomagnet3 on GitHub.

With a Microsoft HoloLens headset on, the app visualizes the magnetic field in 2D or 3D by showing a red-blue bar magnet through the center of compasses needles. Students can observe it from different angles and play with it by moving the bar magnet with fingers to see the compass needles to change directions accordingly. In traditional science classes, not a few students have difficulties to understand the magnetic field because it is not visible and end up giving up learning science.

Feel Physics has demonstrated the app in science classes at 10 schools and 2 exhibitions for a total of 300 people in 5 countries including Ghana and Rwanda in Africa. The app has been upgraded and improved based on feedbacks from users, and not only its satisfaction degree has increased accordingly, 3 schools confirmed that the app is effective for learning the magnetic field.

"This is one of ideal educational applications of xR," said Tsuneaki Shikura, CEO of elephanCube.

Feel Physics continues to release apps for learning science with fun and contributes to improve the quality of science education worldwide.

  • Microsoft most variable professional (MVP) personal sponsor for Microsoft IT tech conference in Japan

About Feel Physics:

Feel Physics is a development company for Mixed Reality (MR) app for science education focusing on visualizing physics phenomena which cannot be seen without MR.

For more information, visit http://bit.ly/mf_vis on YouTube.







世界で4000人が授与されるMicrosoft MVP賞を今年も受賞いたしました


2018年度の社長 植田達郎 の活動がマイクロソフトUS本社の審査で認められ、本年度も世界で4000人が授与される Microsoft MVP 受賞者 🏆 として活動できることになりました。

昨年度の活動では本当にたくさんの方々にご支援頂きました。心より感謝いたしますとともに、今後も将来の 物理教育 🧲 のために全力を尽くす所存です。


About our Feel Physics Approach to SDGs with XR

Recently, people around me have come to speak the word SDGs well, so I think it would be better to simply write the relationship between our Feel Physics and SDGs. It does not matter to those who do not know SDGs.


We Feel Physics has a goal of

Contributions in the world's poor areas, in particular Support for physical education

The photo shows the presentation we gave to Burkina Faso's ambassador in 2015. The content is that it is important to use smartphones etc. for a nation where it is difficult to purchase laboratory equipment.


In 2018, I gave science classes in Ghana and Rwanda for a total of one month. What stood out in the field was the fact that various PCs and laboratory equipment donated by international support groups were not used with dust.



However, in both countries you can see people who walk while checking your smartphone. It does not mean that they can not handle the equipment. So why isn't the donated PC or labware used? That's because there is no time or motivation to learn how to use it themselves. Because I did not buy it myself .


S in SDGs is the initial of S ustainable. In other words, it is also a reflection on the fact that the past support has not lasted. Various economists involved in the poverty issue also point out that past philanthropic activities have been idle.


The United Nations in the SDGs argues that it will shift towards supporting business rather than charity. In line with this trend, JICA is also reducing philanthropy and increasing project support. The point is that "If you don't sell the things for the locals that they want to use even if they have spend money, it won't be a real aid."

We Feel Physics does not aim at a non-profit organization. Aim for a for-profit organization. There is a question as to whether education in the state should be borne by the private sector or by the public sector, but leaving the source of spending, anyway, we aim to provide products that the locals "want to buy"

Also, Feel Physics does not start its business from Africa. First of all, we aim to create a profitable educational business in developed countries. We consider our business area (XR) to be highly viable in the future. If other players enter the market and the price goes down, I think that the day when the low-cost model will reach the underdeveloped country will someday come.

弊社Feel PhysicsのXRを通したSDGsに対する取り組みについて

最近SDGsという言葉を、私の身近な方々がよく口にするようになってきたので、我々Feel PhysicsとSDGsとの関係を簡単に書いておいた方が良いのかなと思い、少し書きます。SDGsを知らない方には関係ありません。


我々Feel Physicsは、創立時から最終目標を













我々Feel Physicsは、非営利団体を目指しません。営利団体を目指します。国家における教育は民間セクターが担うべきなのかそれとも公的セクターが担うべきなのかという問題はありますが、支出元は置いておいて、とにかく現地の方が「買いたい」と感じていただける製品を提供することを目指します。

またFeel Physicsはビジネスをアフリカからスタートしません。まず先進国で収益のある教育ビジネスを作ることを目指します。我々のビジネス領域(XR)は、将来の発展性が高いと考えています。市場に他のプレイヤーが参入し低価格化が進めば、廉価モデルが後進国に届く日がいつかは来る、と考えています。